Elder Brandon O. Henson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry Christmas! :-D


Hope you all had a splendid Christmas weekend! 

M-ride... "no ride."

A lot of great and weird things happened this week. Starting off where I left off last week with the snowstorm that hit. Remember that family in the branch with the farm? Well, I got to be a farm boy for a day because we got snowed in at their place!
They live on a private road that doesn't get plowed so our pathetic front-wheel drive car had no chance of getting outta there that night. The next morning we had to shovel our car our and then follow previous car tracks to slide our way outta there. It was a fun night but an exhausting morning because we also went to shovel our branch president's driveway. Ugh, snow...

The rest of the week went by pretty fast due to little miles left for the month. We did however have some great lessons. The best of the week was with the Pabsts family. We hadn't seen them for a while, just Jenny, so we really hoped that our plan of salvation lesson would gain their interest.  Jenny answered a lot of our questions very well, showing how well she listened to last lesson. Ms. Pabst has read to Mosiah already in about a month and also asked great questions. The other 2 girls Emily and Sarah participated too. We set a date for February 5th with all 4 of them and plan to teach them accordingly to be ready for that date.

Christmas Day was not like a normal Christmas back home at all, but it was one to not forget. We opened our Christmas presents that morning and went to the Arvidsons for dinner and stopped by the Biegas as well.

I am very grateful for all the presents I received from you, my friends back home and members of the branch. It really shows me how much love people have for me and that makes me so grateful and blessed.  My favorite present was my phone call home. I wanted to do it early but I was afraid you would be too busy opening presents so I didn't end up calling them until that night. It was such a joy to talk to all of you.  It doesn't seem like I've been gone for too long though but it was still awesome to say “hi” to and catch up on your lives, as well as answer questions about my mission experiences.

Jim got confirmed on Sunday! He was so full of the Spirit and will really be a great member to the branch. He was so excited to take the sacrament too. "Oh, do I get to take this now?!" ha-ha It was great to see his excitement.

MORE SNOW came last night and this morning. It just continues to come. The wind is just howling! Lights were flickering on and off in our apartment but luckily it didn't go out on us.

We got to go see Alex Biega play a hockey game this morning. He has a tournament today on his birthday! It was great to watch and we'll actually get to see another one tonight as well.  Reminds me a lot of me playing ball at that age and, like Bro. Biega, my dad yelling to me to do this and that ha-ha.
This week will be somewhat the same as last week because of miles and snow. Hopefully we can get some good work in during the week. I don't know the rule on New Year's Eve yet, just that we'll be at the Biegas for dinner.

Thanks to you and everyone for your support and prayers. I know the Lord is blessing you for it. I love you all and pray for you too. Thanks to those who sent me cards too. They were much appreciated. I hope that you have a great week and a great start to the New Year.  Talk to you soon.

Elder Henson

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