Elder Brandon O. Henson

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!"


Hello everybody!

What a great week!! Went to the temple, did a lot of hard labor, had our first baptism, and ITS SNOWING! Looks like it'll be a white Christmas after all.

Jim's baptism went great! We had about 25 from the branch that attended at our chapel. Performing a baptism is awesome!!! Even though the water was FREEZING cold, it’s one of those things that I'll cherish forever. I was somewhat nervous most of the day, but the Lord comforted me when I needed it and I didn't have to repeat the ordinance. Jim was so overwhelmed the whole day, but he was full of joy. We were so proud of him. I hardly remember that first day we met him but he slowly but surely progressed and he is going to be such a good member of this branch.

I got to go to the temple again on Tuesday with the rest of the zone. The feelings in the temple never change and I was so glad to be there. We also got our Christmas packages that day. I love the big Dell box. Everyone kept joking that I had a computer, ha-ha. I'm excited to see what's inside on Saturday.

I was in Plymouth on exchanges for a couple days. It’s a very interesting and historic area. You'll see that cool statue that I got to go visit.  It was huge!!

We did some service at Bro. Carmack's farm, moving hay bales into his barn. When I said hard labor, I mean hard labor. We were just wasted after we finished off those 150 bales! Ugh, again I am so glad I wasn't raised on a farm ha-ha.
Elder Crandell and I are loving those 12 days of Christmas presents. Some of those scriptures are real stumpers. Grandma also sent me a box with a cute nativity scene. We also got 2 Christmas trees, one cardboard from our fellow Elders in the Cape Cod branch and a artificial one from the primary. Yeah we got hooked up with decorations and grateful for it.

 Did I mention it’s snowing?! Just came down last night and probably for a while longer. I'm both happy and frustrated about it at the same time.

This week will be pretty booked. The snow is gonna slow down things a bit I think, but the weekend will be fun. We have a couple member homes to visit on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I'm very excited to call home!!! I don't know what time exactly but I'm shooting for the afternoon or evening home time. I don't think I'll get any Christmas shopping done this week but I'll get some presents and goodies to send home.

I love you all and wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas. Thank you for all your continuous support that helps to keep me going. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

Elder Henson

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