Elder Brandon O. Henson

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!"


Hello everybody!

What a great week!! Went to the temple, did a lot of hard labor, had our first baptism, and ITS SNOWING! Looks like it'll be a white Christmas after all.

Jim's baptism went great! We had about 25 from the branch that attended at our chapel. Performing a baptism is awesome!!! Even though the water was FREEZING cold, it’s one of those things that I'll cherish forever. I was somewhat nervous most of the day, but the Lord comforted me when I needed it and I didn't have to repeat the ordinance. Jim was so overwhelmed the whole day, but he was full of joy. We were so proud of him. I hardly remember that first day we met him but he slowly but surely progressed and he is going to be such a good member of this branch.

I got to go to the temple again on Tuesday with the rest of the zone. The feelings in the temple never change and I was so glad to be there. We also got our Christmas packages that day. I love the big Dell box. Everyone kept joking that I had a computer, ha-ha. I'm excited to see what's inside on Saturday.

I was in Plymouth on exchanges for a couple days. It’s a very interesting and historic area. You'll see that cool statue that I got to go visit.  It was huge!!

We did some service at Bro. Carmack's farm, moving hay bales into his barn. When I said hard labor, I mean hard labor. We were just wasted after we finished off those 150 bales! Ugh, again I am so glad I wasn't raised on a farm ha-ha.
Elder Crandell and I are loving those 12 days of Christmas presents. Some of those scriptures are real stumpers. Grandma also sent me a box with a cute nativity scene. We also got 2 Christmas trees, one cardboard from our fellow Elders in the Cape Cod branch and a artificial one from the primary. Yeah we got hooked up with decorations and grateful for it.

 Did I mention it’s snowing?! Just came down last night and probably for a while longer. I'm both happy and frustrated about it at the same time.

This week will be pretty booked. The snow is gonna slow down things a bit I think, but the weekend will be fun. We have a couple member homes to visit on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I'm very excited to call home!!! I don't know what time exactly but I'm shooting for the afternoon or evening home time. I don't think I'll get any Christmas shopping done this week but I'll get some presents and goodies to send home.

I love you all and wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas. Thank you for all your continuous support that helps to keep me going. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

Elder Henson

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Freezing Continues...


Wassup Everyone!

What a great week here on the Cape! Things continue to become better and better as Christmas draws closer.

We have a baptism lined up for this Sunday with Jim!!! If all goes well with the interview this week, I will have the honor of baptizing him! I'm so excited for him and amazed how much he has progressed in the last couple months. He is such a sincere and charitable person and God is giving him the blessings he's deserved.

We also got another baptismal date set with Jenny for January 14th. She really wants to learn the gospel and has understood the first and part of the second lessons very well. Hopefully (if transfers allow) and all follows suit, that will happen as well.

The last couple days have been very busy with a lot of work. Saturday during my tour with Elder Castro in Brewster, we didn't have anything planned except meals and we just took the branch list and started stopping by all the less-actives in Hyannis. We ended up with 5 potentials and a couple lessons throughout the day. My faith in the Lord grew that day because I thought the whole day would be a bust and it ended up super. Then yesterday after church, we met at members’ homes one after another and had a couple lessons that day too, including the one with Jenny accepting her baptismal date. God is continuing to bless this area day by day and I am grateful to be witnessing those blessings happen. It’s amazing how true missionary work is.

I got a good amount of mail this week. My friends Elder Tyler Weeks, Elder Lance McDowell, and Natalie Peterson all sent letters. The YSA back home sent me a letter with messages from them. I got Blake's Sunday school class's package with their letters and an overwhelming amount of sweets. And I got the package with the thermals and goodies too, (the thermals fit fine). Thanks to all of you for those letters and packages. It’s what influences me to keep on working and serving, knowing that I have a strong support system. To all you who haven't yet, don't be bashful, feel free to send letters!!!!! Ha-ha!

The weather has been FREEZING this week!!! Temps were in the 20s and 30s all week except for the past couple days. I wore everything! My thermals, my trench coat, my skull hat, my gloves. Anything to keep me from being a Popsicle! It was COLD, especially when we were bold and tracted.

How things going back home?  ALLYSON! Congrats on the soccer championship and the goal!! That's awesome!!! I wish I was there!

To clarify, ANY picture is what I’m referring to on the Christmas list. I can't wait for the other Christmas packages to come. We have had a few families invite us over for Christmas so we should be taken care of for that weekend.

The branch takes such good care of us and makes sure we are good. So to all you that have Elders in your ward/branch, check to make sure they are taken care of for the holidays.

The holidays are cool here in Massachusetts. I enjoy riding at night and seeing the lights through the trees. It's different. I've been humming and singing NSYNC Christmas songs constantly, just as if I was home ha-ha!  I'm excited for the next couple weeks!!!

I love you all!!!!! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I know that this work I'm doing here is true and is worth it. Pray to the Father in the name of Christ and he will pour out his blessings upon you and answer your questions.

Take care and I'll talk to you all next week! :)

Elder Henson

2010 Christmas Devotional

2010 Christmas Devotional (link)

Good Week, Better Weekend


Wassup Everybody!

I know it hasn't been too long since my last email but it is P-Day so here I am!

It was a great weekend! Transfers went by smoothly. The district got switched up a little bit as we had Elder Kiss go home and Elder Olsen transferred. So now its Elder Graft and Elder Gallegos joining "The Forgotten" down here in southeast Mass.

I finally got to go to the Boston temple on Saturday as we were invited to go up with the Biega family and witness their sealing as well as Bro. Biega taking out his endowments. It was AWESOME!!! The celestial room is one of a kind. My mouth just dropped when I walked in it. The temple is one of a kind and I was so happy to be there. The sealing was very inspiring and beautiful. The blessings that were said during the ceremony were special and I was just so excited for them.

With Alex Biega
Sunday was just as good. Jim came to church again and stayed for the whole block. He enjoyed it even more than last week. Carolyn was there as she regularly is and is still progressing in her quitting smoking. Allyssa came with the Biega family so we were glad she was at least at church since we haven't had great success with her lately.

Right after church, we had this fun Christmas party in the church building. It was a lot of fun and a lot of the less actives and visitors were there. We had a hard time trying to meet all of them. It was weird to watch the Christmas Devotional (The Church broadcasts an Annual Christmas Devotional from Salt Lake)  at the Boudreau's home instead of back home like usual, but I enjoyed the devotional.

The weather is now at freezing more often and even rumors of flurries are starting to roam. It won't be long before I'm a Popsicle. Ha-ha.

I can't believe BYU lost that close!! Ugh, frustrating. But I'm glad they at least have a bowl game. BYU b-ball is sounding solid right now. I haven't been caught up a lot on much sports so it’s good to be getting that info from people here and home.

I miss all of you guys very much, even more now that it’s the holidays. A lot of people ask us if we're homesick and I tell them yeah but not enough to affect me. Keep praying for me and hope to receive letters/emails from you (and my friends too).  Take care and have an amazing week!

Elder Henson

Monday, December 6, 2010



Hey Everyone!

I had another solid week in the Cape. Thanksgiving was very filling! We went to a couple members’ homes, one for fun and another for dinner. We enjoyed their company. There was so much food!  Man was I stuffed!!!  

Anyway, things are going okay. Our investigators are continuing to progress. Jim went to church for the first time last Sunday.  He was very pleased with how the experience was. We had another great lesson with the Pabst family. Again, we watched the Testaments and again the Spirit filled the room. It is such a powerful movie! One of the four came to church last Sunday but we're hoping that the rest will show as well soon.  

"The Forgotten District"
Oh yeah, transfers are this week. No worries, I'm still in Brewster. The both of us actually. Not much change to our district either.

Still no snow but it is getting colder.  We have been doing lots of service as well. Raking leaves is a PAIN!  : )  We had to do that at a couple houses. Also we helped the Boudreau family move some things around in their house too. One of the families in the branch, the Biegas, is getting sealed this weekend at the temple and hopefully we'll be able to attend. I'm excited for that.  Hoping that things pick up again before the next big holiday hits in a couple weeks.

Take care for now. I love you all and you guys are the reason why I continue to work. Thank you for the blessing that you all are to my life. I miss you and pray for you.  Have a great week!!

Elder Henson