Elder Brandon O. Henson

Monday, December 6, 2010



Hey Everyone!

I had another solid week in the Cape. Thanksgiving was very filling! We went to a couple members’ homes, one for fun and another for dinner. We enjoyed their company. There was so much food!  Man was I stuffed!!!  

Anyway, things are going okay. Our investigators are continuing to progress. Jim went to church for the first time last Sunday.  He was very pleased with how the experience was. We had another great lesson with the Pabst family. Again, we watched the Testaments and again the Spirit filled the room. It is such a powerful movie! One of the four came to church last Sunday but we're hoping that the rest will show as well soon.  

"The Forgotten District"
Oh yeah, transfers are this week. No worries, I'm still in Brewster. The both of us actually. Not much change to our district either.

Still no snow but it is getting colder.  We have been doing lots of service as well. Raking leaves is a PAIN!  : )  We had to do that at a couple houses. Also we helped the Boudreau family move some things around in their house too. One of the families in the branch, the Biegas, is getting sealed this weekend at the temple and hopefully we'll be able to attend. I'm excited for that.  Hoping that things pick up again before the next big holiday hits in a couple weeks.

Take care for now. I love you all and you guys are the reason why I continue to work. Thank you for the blessing that you all are to my life. I miss you and pray for you.  Have a great week!!

Elder Henson

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