Elder Brandon O. Henson

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Week, Better Weekend


Wassup Everybody!

I know it hasn't been too long since my last email but it is P-Day so here I am!

It was a great weekend! Transfers went by smoothly. The district got switched up a little bit as we had Elder Kiss go home and Elder Olsen transferred. So now its Elder Graft and Elder Gallegos joining "The Forgotten" down here in southeast Mass.

I finally got to go to the Boston temple on Saturday as we were invited to go up with the Biega family and witness their sealing as well as Bro. Biega taking out his endowments. It was AWESOME!!! The celestial room is one of a kind. My mouth just dropped when I walked in it. The temple is one of a kind and I was so happy to be there. The sealing was very inspiring and beautiful. The blessings that were said during the ceremony were special and I was just so excited for them.

With Alex Biega
Sunday was just as good. Jim came to church again and stayed for the whole block. He enjoyed it even more than last week. Carolyn was there as she regularly is and is still progressing in her quitting smoking. Allyssa came with the Biega family so we were glad she was at least at church since we haven't had great success with her lately.

Right after church, we had this fun Christmas party in the church building. It was a lot of fun and a lot of the less actives and visitors were there. We had a hard time trying to meet all of them. It was weird to watch the Christmas Devotional (The Church broadcasts an Annual Christmas Devotional from Salt Lake)  at the Boudreau's home instead of back home like usual, but I enjoyed the devotional.

The weather is now at freezing more often and even rumors of flurries are starting to roam. It won't be long before I'm a Popsicle. Ha-ha.

I can't believe BYU lost that close!! Ugh, frustrating. But I'm glad they at least have a bowl game. BYU b-ball is sounding solid right now. I haven't been caught up a lot on much sports so it’s good to be getting that info from people here and home.

I miss all of you guys very much, even more now that it’s the holidays. A lot of people ask us if we're homesick and I tell them yeah but not enough to affect me. Keep praying for me and hope to receive letters/emails from you (and my friends too).  Take care and have an amazing week!

Elder Henson

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