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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Work Keeps Comin'


Hey everyone,

Sorry, but the Martin Luther King Holiday didn’t allow me to email (library closed).   It was a great weekend!

I have a new companion now in Elder Strong. He is 21 from Orem, UT, and has 3 months to go on his mission, so he should finish up here in Brewster. He is a cool guy and we are getting along easily. He has already fit into the branch well too. Elder Crandell went to Weston.

We found 3 more new investigators this weekend. Brian was a referral from Mormon.org.  He told us he was browsing the web and came across the site. He was intending to just mess around in the chat room but instead found himself interested in the message. Weird huh? He's a 16 year old and he was excited to read the Book of Mormon.  However, as we were closing our first discussion, his mom came in and didn't seem too happy we were there. Hopefully it will work out to another lesson.

Then there's AJ and Sue who are a newlywed couple, also referrals. AJ has a good member friend in Utah who introduced him to the gospel. Recently they went to Temple Square and saw the Joseph Smith movie. They both have been reading the Book of Mormon and AJ already feels that it is true. We gave them a first discussion "as if they were brand new to the gospel" and it went really well. Sue isn't completely set with the church since she really wasn't religious as a kid, but she seems to be willing to follow along with her husband.  How golden & ready is this couple, huh?  It’s really exciting!

Yesterday, we went to the Hyannis Recreation Center with Bro. Biega and Alex.  It is such a nice facility: 2 ice rinks, full size gym, and arcade. We shot hoops and watched a high school girl’s hockey game. The game was a lot more interesting than I thought ha-ha.

As you all know, the Patriots choked on Sunday  :(  .   So much for that Super Bowl.  Massachusetts is pretty depressing when it comes to sports and losing. Not gonna be a happy next few weeks around here ha-ha.

So that was the weekend.  Lookin' like a cold wet week ahead so I'll bundle up.  Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Henson

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