Elder Brandon O. Henson

Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowy, White Cape


Hey everybody!

It’s been a great week and a half out here. The snow keeps finding us. Had some snow on Sunday that shortened the congregation to 20 and we only had sacrament meeting. Then we had snow fall last night. It’s not as bad as up north in Boston, they got hammered, so I'm grateful.

Things are going to be a little different for me in the coming weeks. Yes, I'm staying in Brewster, just gonna have a new companion. Elder Crandell is transferring out tomorrow. He looks to be taking it pretty hard because he doesn't want to leave. Now I'll have to take the reins for a little bit since I'll know what’s going on here and my new companion will be wondering if he's lost in the twilight zone. I'm anxious to see what will happen, and I know the success will continue out here.

We ran into a lot of new investigators recently. Cole Arvidson's girlfriend, Alex, and his dad listened to our message the last couple Mondays.  Her dad was very sturdy with his beliefs and was resistant to listen to another organized religion, but he was willing to have his daughter listen so we'll go with that.

The Johnson's son and his wife walked into a lesson we were teaching about church attendance and they were willing to come to church.  But the storm ruined that deal, so we'll try for it this week.   Jim is back. He looked much better in our recent couple visits. Thank you to those who prayed for his help. We assured him that he was thought of and missed while at the hospital.

The Halls are a lovely older couple we taught last weekend and they were really interested in the Plan of Salvation. We hope to teach them that lesson this week.

As you can see I got the first of my few Red Sox caps as a little late Christmas present to myself :).  I'm excited (little nervous) for what will happen at transfers tomorrow and looking forward to many more experiences here in Brewster.

I'm sure all is well back home and I'm grateful to all of you for your continuous love and support. I'll let you know how the change goes on Monday.   Take care!

Elder Henson

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