Elder Brandon O. Henson

Monday, November 1, 2010

Solid Week on the Cape

Monday, 11-1-2010

Hey Hey Everybody!

I’ve put in the first full week out in the field. I am starting to love it out here but still adjusting to the new life. There are a lot of good and promising things going on out here. Elder Crandell and I are putting our best effort into this area.

My 1st Companion
 We have a couple investigators. Carolyn has been investigating for awhile.  She's great & continues to go church so we're just helping her as best as we can. Jim is another investigator and he is a saint. He has helped us out so much with what's what in the area and getting us things that we might need. He loves to talk and and we have some good conversations with him. He's a little self-conscious about a few things so we hope to bring members to his store to fellowship with him. We are picking the weeds and finding a few other new investigators here and there so we are continuing to fill our teaching pool. I love the Brewster Branch! They're such a great group and they really do love the missionaries.

There's this one 10 year old Alex Biega who is just a stud. He plays hockey and basketball, and also can “jerk” and dance. He reminds me a lot of Bryce and I see him as another little brother. Pretty much all the young men in the branch mess with us like older brothers. It's pretty laid back, ha-ha. We get dinners from members most of the week but there are a couple days where I have to bust out the frozen dinners and chicken noodle soup ha-ha.
The views I've seen!
October 2010

The weather was nice early in the week but it is getting cold very quickly all of a sudden. The sun is out though, so that is somewhat nice. Zone conference is on Wednesday and I am looking forward to that. It'll be fun to see more missionaries because we are pretty lonely out here on the Cape.  We’re about an hour and a half away from the closest companionship. As far as going to the temple, we're not really sure, but I think we'll get a chance pretty soon.

I did get the letters from you guys last Monday after the email and I got the package with the USB and CDs. "Ask and ye shall receive" ha-ha. Thanks so much!  I actually did get letters from Ashley Ellis and Kamala Kelley last Monday. It was so nice to get those, and from what it sounds I should be expecting more soon  :). If you can find more church music CDs (more Alex Boye’, he's awesome), that'd be great. Yeah, keep on recruiting more letters and hopefully they'll come through eventually.

Sounds like Breck had a good time at the Homecoming dance.  It does seem like a bummer that Halloween was yesterday (on Sunday) .  We had to be in by 6pm because you know how kids are on that specific night ha-ha. So yeah I think that is all that I can remember from this week.

Time is starting to blur together again like at the MTC.  I love you and am continually praying for you in all you do.  I'll try to spit a letter out later this week.  Have a great week!

Elder Henson


  1. Ooh, it looks chilly there. I hope Brandon has some good cold-weather gear! : )

  2. Elder Henson, A shout out from Utah. Our second snow storm today of the year. BYU won Saturday, Utah lost to TCU. The gospel is true. Hoping your week is a great one and you have a white week every week (White Clothes/Baptisms) Had a pleasant chat with the Jehovah Witnesses Saturday. Many good principles just missing the More! Priesthood Authority, Temple, and MORE! We'll put you on the prayer rolls this week. Uncle James & Clemans Family, Cottonwood Heights, UT.