Elder Brandon O. Henson

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"I Love Being a Missionary..."


Hello again,

Sorry I'm late writing this week. We had a district activity yesterday in Martha's Vineyard so I never got to the library. Martha's Vineyard was awesome. We had a lot of fun out on the beach (nobody got in the water haha). It was somewhat cold in the morning but it warmed up later on. Too bad our district is so far apart so we can't do activities like that more often. 

My Beach!  :-)
 The week went really well. We taught the Pabst family who was referred to us from the member and they had a lot of good questions. I could feel the spirit so strong as we answered their questions and went through the first discussion. They each accepted a Book of Mormon and will hopefully read and pray before our next appointment this week. I feel very good about them and their interest in joining our church. As for our other investigators, Carolyn is still struggling with obeying the word of wisdom.  Jim is the one who arranged that package that you should have gotten a few days ago. That's all for you, nothing for me to keep. He wanted to send to our families what we are experiencing here on the Cape. He's creative and so charitable.  Allyssa still seems disinterested, but enjoyed watching The Testaments in our last appointment. I hadn't seen that movie in a while and it was so powerful to me, and hopefully to her as well. We continue to struggle finding a time to meet with Dan, but he wants to be baptized yet still struggling to tell his folks. 

District Meeting was kind of cool because we had to sleepover the day before. It was like the MTC all over again. We had tours again this time with the Martha's Vineyard elders.  I stayed in Brewster this time with Elder Morales. Not only did I get to drive again, but this time I was basically in charge of scheduling appointments and figuring out what to do. Not an easy job but it was a decent day. Matter of fact, today I'm on tours with Elder Willard in Brewster. Again not a busy day, so we'll see what happens.

I've been struggling to come up with ideas for a Christmas list. Really the only two things I can come up with is a Red Sox cap and hoody to buy here. I'm sure you guys have some ideas for me so feel free to go for it because I'm no help haha.  I'm warning you now, I probably will be writing next Wednesday because Transfer Week changes P-day to Wednesday. 

Thanks again for the package and letters last week.  I have gotten a few letters from friends at school and other elders. Hope all is well and things are running smoothly.  I love being a missionary and enjoying the experiences I have each day. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!  I love you all. 

Elder Henson

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