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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fly-By Week - On Splits for the 1st Time


What up everybody!

… Another week on the Cape.  We had a lot happen this week. I went on splits for the first time on Tuesday. It was a solid lesson despite the little kids being...well kids. Ha-ha!

WE LOVE the Red Sox!
We went to leadership training the next day back in Weston. Such a long drive! The training was good and reminded me somewhat of the MTC all over again.  After that I had my first "tour" as I worked with Elder Snyder in Hingham. Elder Snyder is from California and is actually leaving at the end of the transfer. He's a very funny guy that was good to learn from because he had a lot of advice from his experiences. Hingham was a really nice area. You could see downtown Boston from certain spots there. The people that we met and taught there were really sincere and we had a lot of spiritual lessons during those two days (it was a super tour).

Got back to Brewster with Elder Crandell and realized how different and unique Cape Cod really is. ha-ha We were invited to an Eagle Court of Honor for one of the young men in the branch. They went all out with this Court of Honor, just decorated everywhere. We got to participate in the program since both of us are Eagles so that was cool. It made me very proud to have gotten that award, even though it was a pain.

Cool thing happened yesterday where we had a "break the fast" meal at the church after Sunday meetings. It’s pretty nice to not have any other wards/branches after you so that can happen.

The weather has cleared up the last few days and it has been beautiful outside, though it is still chilly, especially at night.

Our investigators are continuing to progress. Carolyn hasn't smoked for three days, which is a huge deal. Jim is doing well with his business, and he met one of the members of the branch the other day with us. Allyssa read a little from the Book of Mormon and hopefully will gain a little more interest in that. We have continued to be steady with our key indicators and we have a lot of appointments and lessons lined up for this week. So many that I was frustrated trying to schedule them all in! Ha-ha. It’s amazing!

Hope all is well back home.  I'm glad you guys enjoyed those letters. I miss you guys and am praying for you all daily. Keep up the good work and the blessings will flow in :)

Have a great week!!

Elder Henson

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