Elder Brandon O. Henson

Monday, October 25, 2010

1st P-Day on the Cape

Monday, 10-25-2010

Wassup Everybody!
I know it’s only been a couple days since my last email but today is my p-day (preparation day) so I get another chance to tell ya how the weekend went. We met President Barlow on Saturday, who gave us good info on those less-active and investigating in the branch. Then we went tracting.

1st Missionary Apartment - Dennis Port.
We first we went just around our apartment in Dennis Port. Yes, it’s the barn-looking building with a “Clean My Roof” sign in front. The door is on the backside of the building. Not much luck around the area. A lot are of the Catholic faith. We did meet a guy named Jim who just moved in and hadn't heard of our church so hopefully we'll get a chance to teach him this week. We then drove a good half hour to Hyannis, where there's been recent success. The neighborhoods are much more active than in Dennis and we got a few people interested in a future lesson.

Sunday we met most of the branch members. They LOVE missionaries! They all were very nice and considerate to us and we can tell they have high expectations for us. The branch mission committee told us of some plans that they have lined up to get us more opportunities to teach, more so with less actives.

Today we were in Hyannis tracting and we met a lady named Patricia, who was of the Bahaii faith (I think I spelt that right...) (Baha’i). I have never heard of it and Elder Crandell knows little of it so it was a good spiritual conversation as we both talked about our faiths. It was amazing how the faiths were somewhat similar. Hopefully she reads the Book of Mormon we gave her.

Yeah the district includes us as well as the Elders in the Cape Cod branch, the Martha's Vineyard branch, and the Plymouth branch. It takes us about an hour and a half drive to District Meeting at the Cape Cod chapel. Most everything is at least a good half hour away. I doubt Elder Crandell knows how to drive in snow so we'll just pray and hope for the best (ha-ha). 
Footsteps in the Sand at a
Cape Cod Beach.

I'll have to check the mail to see if those letters you sent came. You can send them to the mission office or home and they'll forward it to me.

The Cape is a tourist spot during the summer so it is the offseason right now, making it somewhat difficult to find people. It is cool to see the beaches though.

Well I gotta get to my errands. We went tracting this morning since it’s hard to do at night and now we have P-day the rest of the day.

I love you all. I'll check back next week.

Elder Henson


  1. Otis, I'm so glad you're doing this blog. I love reading about Brandon's new adventures. I think it's great he gets to see all those cool places around Cape Cod. Ask him if people there really do talk "funny" and if he is eating seafood every day. :-)

  2. Thanks Karla. I'll try to keep up. We anxiously await each letter. I will pass along your comments to Brandon. Cape Cod would be a little more pleasant in the summer though!