Elder Brandon O. Henson

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boston Skyline

What a beautiful skyline! Elder Henson won't spend time on the water but will definitely enjoy the view!


  1. Elder Henson! That's awesome just calling you that. So excited for you! I've never really been to Boston, but I do know one thing, people up there say "police depatment" (spelled just how they pronounce it :) Favorite scripture to send you on your way: Mosiah 2:22. Take care!

  2. Police depatment -- that's so funny! I've only heard that they say "Pack the caa in the Havud Yad" for "Park the car in the Harvard Yard," and that you have to be "wicked smat" (wicked smart). Good luck Brandon! Maybe we will come out and see you next summer!